Anytime, any place there is a storm to chase, that is where you'll find the Hunters of Thunder.

25/5/2013 - The Return to the Plains

The Hunters are back - who knows what happened to the Australian season (well until John left anyway - thereafter there seemed to a be a surplus of tornadoes), but this seemed to translate to the plains for the early portion of the US chase season as well. Only two systems of any note for all or April, producing barely any tornadoes and certainly not living up to expectations. John & Rose's chase for the 7-10th netted 3 supercells and perhaps a weak vortice, one tornado warned storm and some really nice structure. The low-lights were really being chased out of Oklahoma and Kansas by freezing rain (one of the stranger experiences of John's chasing career). 

As of today, both Brad and John are back on the road - though on opposite sides of the plains. This next week, we will be covering storms from two vehicles as a reasonable 500mb low pressure trough transitions across the highs plains. Updates will be coming regularly, and while we have a slight change in web address for the short term until the new hosting comes online (note we can now be found at ) we will keep you updated with the action. The very much delayed chase log from April will also be online soon.