Anytime, any place there is a storm to chase, that is where you'll find the Hunters of Thunder.

Welcome to the 2012 US Chase Season

Hey Folks,

Great to see you all back visiting for the season ahead. You might have noticed we've made quite a few big changes to the website, and have added a bunch of additional things. We have a heap of exciting new stuff that we hope to show you over the course of our chasing, and will be giving daily updates on all things storms in the United States from May 20. While May to date has been relatively quiet when it comes to the storms in the states, things are looking like they might heat up just at the right time for our arrival. So make sure you check in daily to see our latest adventures with photos and video! 

There is also going to be something rather exciting happening on other fronts from the Hunters of Thunder in the next day so stay tuned! Let us know  what you think either here or on our facebook page:

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